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Avery Gingrich



Headshot by Tony Moux

Mission : "to explore collaboration and improvisation to create and perform works of art that compel people to think, create, and wander. "

Vision : Avery is dedicated to contributing to a safe, inclusive environment for artists of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations. They want to connect with other multidisciplinary artists through sharing their passion and knowledge of movement.  


Avery Gingrich (they/them) aims to be an authentic mover and an honest artist. They obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in dance with a modern concentration at Point Park University in 2023. Avery also received a nonprofit business management minor with the hope to pursue grant writing and fundraising. Guided by improvisation, they are fascinated with contemporary movement and their artistry, as well as, the artistic uniqueness of other multidisciplinary artists. Avery enjoys art of all forms as they have a background performing and choreographing with devised theater, dance for film and various forms of crafting and creating physical art, as well as live dance performance. They want to thank all of the artists that have supported them in their career thus far. They also want to thank their partner, Alexa.

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